As we eagerly await the official visitor statistics from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for the first half of 2023, there’s a palpable excitement in the air. It’s a feeling akin to watching the world gradually awaken from a deep slumber. Preliminary projections hint at a substantial revitalization of the tourism sector, with different regions showing promising signs of recovery when compared to 2019. Middle East (115%), Europe (90%), and Asia and the Pacific (54%) are among the regions leading the charge. In terms of countries, France (42.5 million), Spain (37.5 million), and the United States (35.5 million) are drawing travelers like never before.

While the challenges and global tourism trends continue to evolve, let’s take a closer look at what’s shaping the tourism landscape:

Challenges of Tourism

  • Economic Realities: The world is navigating through high inflation and soaring oil prices, which inevitably lead to increased transportation and accommodation costs. Travelers are seeking a good quality-price balance more than ever.
  • Geopolitical Tensions: Recent events like the Ukraine War remind us of the fragile nature of global security. These geopolitical uncertainties can disrupt travel plans and impact tourism.
  • Quest for New Experiences: Travelers today yearn for fresh, authentic experiences within a sustainable ecosystem. They seek destinations off the beaten path and immersive adventures.
  • Sustainability Imperative: As the world confronts the climate emergency, responsible tourism is gaining prominence. Travelers are inclined towards destinations and services that prioritize sustainability.
  • Workforce Shortages: The tourism industry faces a shortage of personnel, affecting various businesses within the ecosystem. Ensuring a skilled workforce becomes crucial for providing quality services to travelers.


Global Tourism Trends

The global tourism industry is in a constant state of evolution, adapting to travelers’ changing habits and preferences:

  • Sustainable Tourism: Eco-conscious travelers focus on offsetting their carbon footprint and supporting responsible tourism services that minimize environmental impact.
  • Tech-Infused Journeys: Technology plays a pivotal role throughout the travel journey, from initial research and booking to in-trip experiences, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Authentic Experiences («Revenge Travel»): Unique, remote, and challenging-to-reach destinations are gaining popularity. Travelers are motivated by the desire for extraordinary adventures.
  • Luxury Tourism: Luxury travelers increasingly turn to travel agents and consultants to curate their experiences.
  • Health and Wellness Tourism: Longer trips with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind are on the rise. Travelers are looking for seamless, stress-free journeys.
  • Customized Travel: Personalization is key. Travelers want tailor-made experiences that align with their preferences and interests.


Reinventing Travel with Advanced Air Mobility

Urban and Advanced Air Mobility are redefining travel as we know it, and NextNorth is excited to be part of this revolution:

  • Meeting Trends Head-On: Our solutions align seamlessly with emerging tourism trends, offering travelers efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced transportation options.
  • Unlocking New Experiences: Urban and Advanced Air Mobility open the door to previously inaccessible destinations, enabling travelers to embark on truly unique adventures.
  • Setting New Standards: Quality, cost efficiency, and sustainability are at the core of our vision, ensuring that travelers will get the best experience while minimizing environmental impact.
  •  Sustainable Solutions: eVTOLs aircraft will lead the charge in sustainable transportation. They offer speed, efficiency, and zero emissions, contributing to a greener future for travel.
  •  Technology at the Helm: NextNorth’s commitment to cutting-edge technology is reflected in our digital platform, that will acts not only as the new generation of air taxis booking platform, but also as the integrator of the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem.
  •  Seamless Travel: With digital ticketing and integration with other means of transport, we’re making travel easier and more enjoyable than ever.
  •  Luxury Reimagined: We work closely with travel professionals to provide luxury travelers with unparalleled and tailored experiences, transforming the tourism ecosystem.

As we look ahead, NextNorth is excited to be a driving force in reshaping the future of travel. We believe that Urban and Advanced Air Mobility will play a pivotal role in defining the tourism industry’s next chapter. Join us on this incredible journey as we soar to new heights together.

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Some areas are difficult to access due to geographical barriers, inadequate ground infrastructure, or other limitations.

Vehicular emissions contribute to hazardous air pollution, posing a severe threat to our health and the
planet’s well-being
It’s time for a transformative leap forward and bringing the third dimension: Advanced Air Mobilty where NextNorth brings the uber of the skies
NextNorth offers a techology-based air taxi alternative to ground transportation, reducing travel times and bringing a new sustainable and cost-effective mobility.

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