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NextNorth Urban Air Mobility


NEXTNORTH is an urban air mobility technology platform, whose mission is to rid the world of traffic and mobility stress, offering an alternative to today’s congested transportation options and shaping the future of urban air mobility.

NextNorth democratizes transfers, allowing you to make seat reservations, share a flight on any of our routes or launch a private flight for you to any place you want.

NextNorth reduces the friction of travel with an unrivaled user experience from the moment of booking, through our iconic lounges and end-to-end transfers.

Working on the mobility of the future

Our long-term goal is to improve people’s lives by making air mobility more accessible in and out of cities by preparing for the adoption of eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft), which are currently under development and with which silent, carbon-neutral and more accessible mobility will be implemented.

The time to eliminate barriers and limits has come, don’t be left behind. 


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