Transición a eVTOL


Electric Vertical Air Mobility (eVTOL)

Transition to eVTOL

NextNorth is a technology-driven short-haul aviation company whose mission is to rid the world of the traffic and friction of travel by offering an affordable air alternative to the most congested or difficult to access routes.

Our goal is to make aviation more accessible by creating a mindset and culture ready for the adoption of the first eVTOL (electric helicopters), creating a model of sustainable air taxis: carbon neutral and economically viable.

Electric motors will allow an aircraft to land like a helicopter, navigate like a plane, and do so quickly and quietly, regardless of topography and traffic on the ground. Reducing noise, emissions and costs will help bring urban air mobility to more people in more places, offering a unique experience and radically improving global mobility.

NextNorth estimates the certification and start of production of these aircraft for 2025, but Fiat Chrysler (model in the photo above) has just announced its plans to start production as soon as 2023. Many aircraft manufacturers, and even other automobile manufacturers such as GM are working on electric aircraft designs.

Countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, China, and the United Arab Emirates have already started testing experimental eVTOL designs. The first certified eVTOLs will be piloted, later evolving to autonomous aircraft. These aircraft will coexist with other helicopters and heliports, which will make the movement of goods and passengers more efficient and shorter daily trips.

With the future addition of eVTOLs to NextNorth’s available fleet, we will fly where no other commercial aircraft has flown before, and in a way that has never been done before: electrically, quietly and quickly, both in and out of cities. Together with our partners, we can contribute to a better quality of life for people in an efficient and sustainable way, offering a unique mobility experience.

NextNorth invites you on board. The future is today.

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